In July 2014, Todd was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia after initially being diagnosed with dehydration and a virus. It all happened suddenly and his parents began juggling work and constant trips to Cardinal Glennon along with providing for their other children. ENIN was there to provide financial assistance and to give Todd a laptop so he could keep up with schoolwork while in the hospital.

All the while fighting Leukemia, Todd has worked tirelessly to raise awareness. In 2015 he founded the Painting the Town Gold effort within District 7 and met the goal of raising $100,000 toward research in the month of September, Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. His inspiring goodwill and strength in the face of adversity is truly moving.



After a debilitating autoimmune disease diagnosis disabled her from working and her partner lost his job, ENIN provided this young couple with temporary living expense assistance. This helped bridge a gap while he established new employment and Jessica’s health stabilized. Once back on her feet, Jessica has expressed much gratitude and a desire to pay it forward by giving back through her own volunteerism. 



Sherrie took a serious fall in 2014 that required surgery and disallowed her from working during several months of rehabilitation. A setback in 2015 required an additional surgery, and both times ENIN recognized the areas of strongest financial strain and stepped in to help temporarily with living expense, utility expense, and grocery assistance.  



Due to an ongoing struggle with Cystic Fibrosis, Caleb required extensive treatment and surgery only offered at a specialty hospital in Minnesota. Nominated to ENIN in 2015, not only was ENIN able to help his family with out-of-state travel expenses, but also contributed toward their living, food, utility, and medical expenses. All this allowed his family to focus their energy on their son’s treatment and recovery.

Having stayed close with the family across the years and throughout Caleb’s recovery, ENIN knew in 2016 when mom Lisa was injured in car accident that totaled the family car. In the same week of the accident ENIN was contacted about a local resident wanting to donate a car to a family in need – a fateful coincidence that allowed us to connect this family with a car and some additional assistance when they needed it most.



In the summer of 2014, 8-year-old Trevor, an active, athletic kid came down with what seemed like a common cold. But when it quickly escalated to walking pneumonia requiring an emergency surgery at Children’s Hospital it also became the third medical situation the family had faced in less than nine months. As Trevor recovered, the medical bills beyond insurance coverage quickly added up. Nominated to ENIN, we were able to alleviate the outstanding medical bills incurred specific to Trevor’s care — allowing the family to move forward…relieved and healthy.



After a three-year struggle against Familial Chronic Pancreatitis — often debilitating her from normal activity, EHS high school student, Willow faced receipt of a groundbreaking operation at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital. A 12-hour surgery and up to 10 weeks recovery at the hospital and nearby Ronald McDonald House presented big challenges for this local family.

ENIN learned of Willow’s situation and acted quickly to assess and provide what the family was going to need in the immediate – funding for travel, short-term housing costs in MN, and upfront medical co-pays. We also recognized the lengthy time apart for the family and supplied iPad minis allowing the family to stay connected via Facetime through it all.

Willow and her family’s strength truly inspired us at ENIN, and we were not alone. It was amazing to see the numerous other fundraising and support efforts put on by our great community.



John, an Edwardsville resident, is 38 and worked as an engineer for KTRS Radio Station.

In February he started feeling ill and went to the doctor.  What was first diagnosed as double pneumonia was later determined to be H1N1.  After being airlifted from Anderson to Barnes, he was in ICU for six months and placed on the list for double lung replacement. That transplant occurred July 2014. John now faces pulmonary and physical therapy at Barnes Hospital five days a week, four-to-five hours per day.

ENIN assessed the family’s need and were able to supply financial assistance by paying some pressing bills that had compiled, including a small remaining balance on his car loan. All of this in effort to alleviate some stresses during recovery and until John returns to work.

John’s friends were also coming to his assistance by hosting a trivia night on Sept. 6 at the Legion in Edwardsville.  His colleagues at KTRS in effort to advertise the event on the radio gave ENIN quite a compliment…hope you’ll take a listen.



In 2012, 9-year-old Wyatt Erber set out to win a local scavenger hunt hosted by First Cloverleaf Bank and earned a $1000 prize. His reason?  Not what you might think! He had competed with every intention of donating the money to a neighbor’s family whose 2-year old daughter Cara was battling cancer and requiring chemotherapy. Extremely moved by his proactive act of compassion and kindness, ENIN matched that prize money to help Cara and her family as they faced the unexpected.

Cara, diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) at 22 months is a proven fighter and responding amazingly well to treatment.

Deservedly so, Wyatt earned a lot of recognition locally and nationally about this caring act. And, we could not be prouder to know he’s part of our community’s future.


From Cara’s mom, Trisha: “What ENIN has done for our family is shown us a renewed faith in our community. We always knew we lived in a great town, but when you see people such as those at ENIN dedicating their time and energy to help those in need, it can do nothing but bring a smile to your heart. Directly they assisted us with bills; indirectly they have shown us the importance of helping others.”

Eric and Jen


In addition to their own three kids, this couple generously opened their home to their niece and nephews due to a dire family emergency. Suddenly with seven kids to care for – some with medical needs — ENIN stepped in quickly to provide baby and household items. The organization provided new bunk beds, dressers and bedding to provide sleeping space for each child, making the kids’ rooms both functional and fun. And, what fun for us to meet this great family and excited kids!



One of our first nominations to the organization, Vickie was a pleasure to know and assist. After 25 years of service as a hard-working bus driver in our community, Vickie found herself facing a medical condition that left her unable to work and a lengthy period before being eligible for medical coverage.

Nominated to ENIN by her daughters, the organization was able to provide funds for monthly medical necessities of oxygen and prescriptions – “bridging the gap” for several months until her medical coverage became effective.



Sophie, a 10-year old girl with Cerebral Palsy was nominated to ENIN by a local educator for need of an iPad2.

ENIN was able to provide this technology allowing this very bright student to overcome obstacles and have better functionality in the classroom — to reap educational and communication benefits not as easily achievable on her own.

And in later years when Sophie was in need of a new wheelchair and insurance would not fully cover the costs, the organization was once again able to assist.



We learned the story of Luis through a facebook support request, and were able to connect with the family! Luis, a healthy seven-year old became suddenly ill. After a lengthy hospitalization, a tumor was found on his lung. Fortunately it was removed successfully through surgery and deemed non-cancerous and a full recovery resulted. ENIN was able to assist with some residual out-of-pocket medical expenses, alleviating at least some of the parent’s financial burden during a really stressful time.



Scott and Lindsey’s son Christopher (19) was diagnosed in October 2012 with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. Although his prognosis is positive, he is facing extensive treatments. ENIN learned of this family through another fundraising effort and was able to team-up and donate initially via that effort. As well, ENIN received multiple outside nominations for this local family – and was able to assist with living expenses and other small ways to see them through getting Christopher back to full health. Christopher is fighting hard and we are proud to be part of his already amazing and inspiring support system.

Greg and Jeanne


Greg and Jeanne’s journey is the inspiration behind Edwardsville Neighbors in Need.

In 2009, Greg suffered a sudden spinal stroke that left him initially paralyzed. A life-changing moment — and seeing the financial burdens as a result – this close-knit family hosted a standalone fundraiser for the Greg Seibert Foundation. It was the success of that event and outpouring of community support that inspired Chad (Greg’s stepson) and wife Kathie Opel to found Edwardsville Neighbors in Need the following year. The goal? To alleviate the financial stress on families facing similar crisis.

Since that time, ENIN holds two annual fundraisers, The Taste of Edwardsville and the 5K Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. All proceeds go direct to help families within District 7 facing unforseen medical emergencies.



Imagine an electrical fire damaging your home to the point of it being uninhabitable, and the unexpected repairs being costly beyond your means. That is exactly what this family faced in 2013, and they were eventually forced to separate living temporarily with various family members. ENIN responded quickly and worked diligently to help organize and assist with contractors, local officials providing in various ways to help return this family home.



In October 2012, six-year-old Noah Bryant lost his brave battle with HLH (hemophagacytic lympho histiocytosis), a rare blood disorder that causes white blood cells to build up in and permanently damage major organs. During his fight against this brutal disease, Noah’s family was forced to temporarily move to Ohio for specialized care, and ENIN did what was possible to help them financially during this displacement and emotional struggle.

Shortly after Noah’s death, his father was deployed to Afghanistan. We know Noah will always be in the hearts of Dad, younger brother, Mom and newborn baby Liam.



In 2013, Chad contracted a spinal infection requiring a vertebrae replacement surgery with a three-to-six-month period for recovery.  He had been laid off from work just prior, so the best course of action for ENIN was to help with the mortgage, propane, and electric bills temporarily until he could have the surgery and transition to recovery. The organization also recognized his frustration of losing the ability to be as active with his young son during this timeframe and provided a new gaming system and games to allow some entertainment for the whole family.



In the spring of 2011, Tara’s daughter, Maggie – an otherwise healthy, vibrant 2-year-old – was suddenly diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. As the toddler underwent surgery to remove a tumor, Tara’s second child, Nora, arrived six weeks prematurely.

After a short stay in neo-natal Intensive Care, Nora was deemed healthy and went home. But Maggie was facing a 12- to 18-month course of treatment including six rounds of high-dose chemotherapy plus a stem cell transplant and an aggressive new treatment.

Tara had planned to return to work following her maternity leave, but ENIN immediately realized that the whole family would benefit greatly if she could stay home with her little girls. Tara says, “ENIN saved us during a time that was incredibly difficult. They made it possible for me to be with my six-week-old premature baby and older daughter, who was newly diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. They made it so I did not have to worry about how I was going to pay bills while spending so much time at the hospital.”


In November 2012, Maggie achieved remission.

Tara continues, “The organization is amazing – the people that are involved with it are incredible. The hearts of these people are so big and it would have never been possible to be with my family during a very dark time without them. There are no words great enough to even thank them.”