In August of 2015 nine-year-old Mackenzy was riding her bike home from school when she was struck by a car while in a crosswalk. Her injuries were severe, including collapsed lungs, broken legs, bones, and severe brain damage.  Upon arrival at Children’s Hospital, the doctors gave her a 3% chance of survival. She underwent an extremely risky brain surgery. But after being in a coma for two weeks she awoke, recognizing her family and began proving her amazing resilience. Only two months later – Mackenzy beat all odds and came home.

And, that’s when Edwardsville Neighbors in Need met Mackenzy and her family.

Initially with casts over broken bones, walking with crutches, then a walker, she was slowly able to return to school, but faced a long road to recovery filled with regular follow-up MRI’s, physical and speech therapy.

ENIN was able to immediately help cover rent, and a pressing utility bill. They provided gas gift cards to help with the extensive travel to and from the hospitals. To help Mackenzy acclimate to having her hair cut very short after surgery, ENIN coordinated a year’s worth of free haircuts by a local stylist and arranged for four tickets to The Polar Express celebration at St. Louis Union Station – a night Mackenzy and family are unlikely to forget. And, when spring arrives, Mackenzy and her younger brother have new bikes and helmets awaiting them. A group of local Edwardsville residents living in Ebbet’s Field held a fall fundraiser in their subdivision to buy bikes for distribution by ENIN throughout the holiday season, and beyond. This generous gift helped ENIN to help Mackenzy and family even further – and she says she’s ready. What a true fighter and inspiration she is.